Richard Ewen, Artist



Richard Ewen was an extremely talented artist. And it had always been his dream to live In France after years of visiting the country regularly, and then, returning to Texas, to create marvellous paintings of Paris architecture, many of which are based on reflections in shops and café windows. 

Sadly, his dream was to be short-lived. Six months after relocating with his wife Mary, from Austin, Texas to Les Combes, Dompierre-sur-Charantes, France, he became ill and passed away in the Fall of 2023.  

A rich process went into each and every piece Richard created. His precision and attention to detail invite one deeply into each space captured in his watercolors and oils. His paintings allow us to engage with time and place through one unique moment and from a unique perspective. 

If you are interested in purchasing a work(s), contact the WOA Gallery Director. He will put you in touch with Mary Ewen.